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After School Programs, Inc. is helping to ensure that South Florida children won’t go to sleep hungry. ASP's "Free Nutritious Supper Program" is the first program of its kind in the state of Florida to be sponsored by a private after school provider. Funded through a Federal Grant administered by the Florida Department of Health and Agriculture, this innovative initiative is providing nutritious, well-balanced suppers to children in ASP's after school care program. And, we are delighted that we have now become an unaffiliated sponsor and are able to provide supper to children in other providers’ after school programs.

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Studies show there is a strong link between good nutrition and academic performance.

When a child's basic nutritional needs are met, they perform better in school. According to recent data, about 67 percent of low-income families in Florida cannot afford to feed their children nutritious meals. Nearly one child in five goes without a dinner meal.

Unfortunately, hunger can hamper a child's academic achievement. Recent studies from the Journal of School Health indicate that children whose nutritional needs are not being met during their formative years show poor academic performance in school. Under-nourished students may be irritable, have difficulty concentrating, exhibit loss of energy, and perform poorly on tests. Studies indicate this poor academic achievement will influence a child's future educational attainment, income, health, and quality of life.

When a child comes to school hungry, they are not able to perform at their best, resulting in the child not achieving optimal performance. Some schools offer free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch, but what about dinner? It was with this in mind that After School Programs, Inc. developed its "Free Nutritious Supper Program.

ASP is making sure no child goes to sleep hungry.

After School Programs, the only after school care provider in the entire state of Florida to offer a nutritious supper program to students enrolled in an after school program. As of December, 2015, ASP is offering this "first of its kind" program in more than 75 schools across Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Collier, Monroe, Hillsborough, and Highland counties. Each day, hundreds of Florida children are receiving a tasty, nutritional supper as part of their after school activity.

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In order to qualify for the "Free Nutritious Supper Program", children must be receiving free or reduced-cost lunches. For more information or to see if your child's school is enrolled in the program, call (954) 596-9000.

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